Did you know Technical Building Services has a New York State Purchasing Contract??

What is a State Purchasing Contract? There are many purchasing options available to local governments and school districts. One such option is to acquire goods or services under the terms of a New York State contract. The Procurement Services Group of the Office of General Services (OGS) awards contracts for thousands of different commodities, services that are available to local governments and school districts. These contracts include awards for road salt and fuels, vehicles and building materials and ENERGY EFFICIENT AND SECURITY PRODUCTS.
Benefits of Using State Contracts State contracts save money on purchasing goods and services by allowing them to be purchased directly by the end user. They can purchase TBS and ACS materials and Labor directly from us without having to go out to bid which reduces or eliminates the time required to prepare bid specifications. As well as, enhance and simplify the purchase process.
Who can use the TBS Contract to Purchase from us? Counties, cities, towns, villages, public school districts, Non-profit schools & universities, certain public associations, public libraries, & most non-profit organizations

New york State Contract
Section 77201
TBS Contract PT65558

We also provide parts to non-state contract organizations and companies.

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